Outside of School Hours Care

We welcome all families to the Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) Program at Shepparton East Primary School.

Philosophy - Shepparton East Primary School Council believes that every family has the right to quality care that recognises and values the child as an individual and is responsive to the needs of families.

We value the importance of play and the role it has in middle childhood development. The setting therefore needs to be a warm, secure, caring environment where the development of independence and self-confidence is fostered and creativity and individuality are encouraged. The partnership between parent and carer is invaluable in the care and outcome for the child.

Our After School Program is flexible and responsive to the changing needs of the children and their families and is provided in a way that recognises and is supportive to each family’s values and cultural and religious needs.

Goals - The program aims to:

  • Provide a safe, warm and caring atmosphere for children
  • Provide a wide variety of stimulating and interesting activities that cater for the needs of individual children
  • Promote warm and friendly relationships, with staff children and parents
  • Encourage child, staff, parent and community involvement in the development of the program
  • Conduct a school age child care program consistent with the policy and guidelines contained in the National Standards for OSHC and OSHC Quality Assurance Principles

We hope you can help us meet these goals. A copy of the Program’s Policies is available on request.


Establishment of the Program

The Shepparton East Primary School OSHC Program will commence in February 2015 in response to a need identified by the parents and School Council. The OSHC Program was registered with the Family Assistance Office at Centrelink as a Registered Service Provider. In November 2014 an application was made to the Commonwealth Department of Family and Community Services to become an Approved Service Provider with 15 Child Care Benefit places. This application was successful and approved in December 2014. The OSHC Program commenced as an Approved Service Provider in Term 1 2015.

For further information or an enrolment form please contact our office on 58292426.