Sporting Pavilion Fundraising

Our primary school, together with the Shepparton East Action Group, is working in partnership to build and support our local community, made up of 292 families.

A key part of this vision is establishing our primary school as a central hub, to support and host the various sporting and entertainment events for our community. The first part of this vision is the building of a Sporting Pavilion at the school.

Shepparton East Primary School is a small school, with a passionate community of teachers; supportive and involved parents and school council members; and enthusiastic children who aspire to be life-long learners and leaders in their local and global communities. The school itself has doubled in enrolments over the last 6 years.

Our community has been working hard in the planning of, and fund-raising for, the Sporting Pavilion, which will provide a much-needed shelter area for our school to host assemblies, family events, larger-scale outdoor events, and the Outside of School Hours Care Program. The use of this pavilion will also extend to the Shepparton East community, as a way of bringing people together and of the sharing of resources beyond our school grounds, for local sporting teams, ANZAC and Remembrance Day ceremonies, community events and meetings, and as a training site for the Shepparton East Fire Brigade.

To construct the Sporting Pavilion, our total funding target is set at $200,000, with Stage 1 being set at $100,000. We have now achieved Stage 1, which will see the main structure of the pavilion erected and named the 'Peter Copulos Sporting Pavilion'.

Stage 1 of the Peter Copulos Sporting Pavilion
Stage 1 of the Peter Copulos Sporting Pavilion
Our students love their new shaded play space!
Our students love their new shaded play space!

It is our vision to establish our school as a central hub to support the needs of the Shepparton East Community.

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We are seeking coroporate sponsors who can work with us to build and support our growing community.

If you think that your business or group might be interested in supporting our efforts, we would love to hear from you. You can contact our office on (03)58292426 or via email

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