About Our School

Shepparton East Primary School is a highly regarded school located 7.5 kilometres east of the City of Shepparton's centre. It has a current enrolment of 281 students from diverse family backgrounds.

The school has a semi-rural outlook situated in the Shepparton East Township and surrounded by fruit orchards and farm lands.

The school enjoys extensive grounds with ample play areas including two ovals, three play ground equipment areas, an outdoor developmental play space and shaded sitting and play areas.

The present school consists of our new main building which was completed in 2011 and holds four classrooms as well as our administration area. We also have four portables, a permanent Library and Performing Arts building, an art room and a multi-purpose room which is utilised for our Outside of School Hours Care program.

Shepparton East Primary School aims to promote the link between wellbeing and learning in every aspect of the curriculum, school culture and environment.

The school is committed to providing a safe, supportive and stimulating learning environment where teachers have high expectations for student learning.

We promote and support cyber safety throughout the learning environment. In order to promote this further we have chosen to be a part of the eSmart Program for schools. 

At Shepparton East Primary School a high priority is placed on core developments of literacy and numeracy skills.

We acknowledge that our students have varying skills and abilities and that they learn in diverse ways and progress at different rates.

Quality teaching is provided to ensure all students build firm foundations to achieve their personal best in all key areas of learning.

We are fortunate to have an innovative Chaplaincy Program on offer for our students and families. Our chaplain, Mark Rumble, provides our students, parents and staff with one on one support when needed and also runs a number of valuable programs such as a Breakfast Club on Wednesday mornings. 

Mark provides ongoing support to students, parents and teachers by offering a pastoral care program that does not have any particular religious focus. This program, made available through our School Council, aims to service the school community and adapt to it's welfare needs. Access to the program is through self, parent, or teacher referral and is of a voluntary nature. Mark is available Monday to Thursday. Appointments can be made through the office. 

As a Chaplain Mark can:

  • Run support groups
  • Monitor and assist individual children who are experiencing issues within the classroom and yard
  • Make referrals to other professional services
  • Support teachers in the classrooma and yard
  • Connect with parents during times of bereavement
  • Matters of faith are only pursued when the child or adult involved wishes to speak of them. 
Principal Trent McCrae
Principal Trent McCrae
Vice Principal Stacey Willaton
Vice Principal Stacey Willaton

We acknowledge that our students have varying skills and abilities and that they learn in diverse ways and progress at different rates.

Our Values

Our positive school culture strives to develop self-esteem, confidence and independence in each student. All students are valued and cared for, have meaningful opportunities to contribute to the school and can effectively engage in their learning.

The core school values at Shepparton East Primary School are:

  • Care for Yourself
  • Care for Others
  • Care for your Learning
  • Care for your School

Shepparton East Primary School is an inclusive school, offering the best in educational, social, sporting, and performing arts opportunities. We are proud of our school and the part we play in our community.

For more information regarding our school please refer to our 2019 Family Information Booklet.